Other Lakes

     Lake Jackson is about a 700 acre lake located south of Lake Kissimmee.  It is in the Three Lakes Management Area and is a catch and release lake.  This is an extremely shallow lake and in extreme low precipitation periods can be inaccessible by boat.  Other than a canal that is around 10 feet deep, the deepest point in the lake is 7 feet at normal pool.  This lake can be a great artificial fishing lake with an abundance of vegetation including hydrilla, flag weed, lily pads, dollar weed, pencil reeds, Kissimmee grass, along with some brush piles in couple of areas.  This destination really offers the off the beaten path type of fishing and let's you see old school Florida.  You see a variety of wildlife from whitetail deer on your drive to the lake in the management area to wild Osceola turkey strutting around the sides of the lake.  You might see wild boar rootin' up the land on the edges of the lake and you most definitely will see gators.  Not just one or two, but an absolute ton of them.  Then you have the common feathered friends such as the eagle and osprey and your common waterfowl.  The types of fish in the lake are you usual suspects (bass, crappie, bluegill, mudfish, catfish, gar, shiners, and tilapia).  It's about an 1 hour drive from Big Toho Marina.

     Johns Lake is about a 2400 acre lake located about 6 miles east of Clermont.  Not too many anglers know of the lake except the locals.  This lake can be a great lake to fish and has really seemed to make a comeback in 2007 with some very big fish caught out of the lake and on artificial baits.  There is a decent amount of vegetation around the lake along with flooded brush which can provide those big bass which lots of cover.  The water on this lake seems to fluctuate a lot throughout the past years has seemed to make it an even better fishery.

     Lake Walk-in-Water is approximately a 7500 acre lake located about 5 miles off of SR 60 between Lake Wales and Indian Lake Estates.  The lake is comparable to a soup bowl.  The majority of the lake ranges from 5 to 6 feet in depth perfect for a variety of artificial baits with middle of the lake ranging from 10 to 12 feet.  The water in the lake is very clear with very few pollutants and being fed by a spring.  They have had problems getting in and out of the ramps on this lake in 2007 due to little rain fall.  There is currently a slot limit on the lake.  You are allowed to keep fish under 15 inches and over 22 inches.  The bass that fall in the slot are to be released.  In the late 90's and early this decade, this was the lake you wanted to fish.  There were ridiculous numbers of legit fish over 10 pounds caught there during this stretch.  Due to the number of big fish harvested out of the lake, this fishery isn't what it was, but still produces great catches throughout the year.