The Butler Chain is made up of twelve interconnected lakes that cover an area of 4720 acres.  The lakes here are typically clear with sandy bottoms.  The Chain of Lakes was formed as a result of a typical Florida occurrence which is known as "karst topography".  In this occurrence, limestone (found under the majority of Florida soil) is slowly dissolved by water to form sinkholes.  A series of sinkholes formed over time created what is now called the Butler Chain of Lakes (aka. Windermere Chain).  There are areas on these lakes that reaches depths of 30 to 50 feet and is believed to be the remnants of those sinkholes which helped form this beautiful chain of lakes.

     Many celebrities call the Butler Chain of Lakes their home.  Such people include the likes of Shaquille O'Neal, Ken Griffey Jr., and Tiger Woods, just to name a few.  It is nice place to fish where you can catch big numbers of bass with an occasional big fish, though just being on this Chain for the day is worth the trip. 

Expect to see schooling fish twelveHome of Shaquille O'Neil months out of the year.  These schoolers sometimes average 3 - 5 pounds.  Carolina-rigging in depths of 8 - 30 feet is a great producer all year.  Also, this is where you'll want to be if you're looking for some great top-water action.